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About Honsa Tools

HONSA founders Dr. Thomas S. and Thomas W. Honsa began designing a new vibration-reducing and sound isolation system for pneumatic and electric powered tools in 1985, and Honsa Ergonomic Technologies was born.

Intent on reducing work-related injuries caused by excessive vibration and poor ergonomics, the Honsas continued their innovation and research, and pioneered the field of ergonomically designed air tools and products. Their patented technologies have revolutionized the tool industry.

Since the advent of pneumatic tools in 1890, little had been done to reduce the associated adverse effects – excessive vibration, noise and deficient ergonomics – that plagued tool operators and often led to cumulative trauma disorders. Almost 100 years later, the Honsas employed their knowledge of polyurethane elastomers and design engineering to create a genre of American-made tools that are in use today around the world.

HONSA Tools and services are used in a wide variety of manufacturing industries including Aerospace, Metal Fabrication, Automotive Assembly, Shipbuilding and Repair, Agricultural Equipment, Construction Equipment, Foundries, and Engine and Transmission Assembly. In addition, the US Military uses HONSA Tools to reduce injuries in maintenance, repair and refit applications.

Companies who choose HONSA Tools share a common vision: to create a safer work environment. These companies recognize the importance of reduced injuries and lower worker compensation claims. By focusing on, and implementing, an ergonomic program that includes 21st century technology, they reduce costs, increase safety and productivity, improve employee relations and foster increased long-term corporate profitability.