The World’s only Full-line of Vibration Reduced Ergonomically Enhanced Percussive and Rotary Tools

Vibration-Reduced and Ergonomically Enhanced Tools from HONSA

From grinders and chippers to air hammers and riveters, the HONSA name means the finest quality, innovative designs, and the best ergonomic air tools Made in the USA.  The Honsa brand has been a leader in the ergonomic tool industry since 1988, with our customers’ ergonomic health our number one priority.

Other companies’ percussive tool lines still feature 100-year-old technology with no vibration reduction. These generic tools transfer high levels of damaging vibration directly to the operator, leading to serious musculoskeletal and soft tissue disorders of the hands and arms (MSDs & HAVS).

In addition to designs that fit the human body and its movements, every HONSA Tool also offers reduced weight, reduced sound levels and increased power-to-weight ratio. HONSA Tools are durable, proving themselves day in and day out on production lines worldwide.

Fortune 100 companies and the US Government have relied on HONSA Tools since 1988 to reduce workplace injuries and costs without sacrificing productivity.

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