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Whip Hoses

Whip HoseWatch safety and efficiency increase in your workplace as you use the proper precision accessories for your application. Honsa® Tools can supply the right accessories for your job.

Custom length whip hoses available. Call today.

Safety Information
Tool Do's and Don'ts

Part # For Use With
WH-1224 12" Whip Hose
WH-1424 14" Whip Hose
WH-1838 18" Whip Hose
WH-3824 38" Whip Hose
WH-HF 1436 1/4" NPT High Flex-36"
WH-HF 38120 3/8"F - 1/4"M High Flex-120"
WH-HF 3836 3/8" NPT High Flex 36"
WH-HF 3836S 3/8" NPT High Flex 36"