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Retrofit Handles

Safety Information

Honsa® Retrofit Handles are the perfect solution for converting your existing conventional air tools into low vibration tools your operators will want to use. Honsa® retrofit handles are easily installed on a variety of tools to reduce the harmful vibration levels transferred to the operator. Honsa® is the only manufacturer to offer a built in isolation system that is completely

• Reduced vibration
• Lighter in weight
• Ergonomically designed handles
• Increased productivity
• Increased power and efficiency
• No metal to metal contact between handle and surface
• Retrofits existing tools
• Quick and easy installation


Honsa® Retrofits:
• Atsco
• Chicago Pneumatic
• Cleco
• Eagle
• Florida Pneumatic
• Ingersoll-Rand
• Jet Air Tools
• Jupiter Pneumatic
• Sioux
• Sullair
• Taylor
• Texas Pneumatic
• Thor
• Toku
• Many other brands!