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Riveters FAQ

What are riveters?

Riveters, made in America, are a handheld pneumatic percussive tool.

What are riveters used for?

Riveters are used to set various size rivets in aircraft, truck trailers, aluminum boats, delivery van trucks and buses.

How to use a riveter?

A riveter is handheld and used in conjunction with a bucking bar. The riveter also has a “rivet set” installed into the front of the tool, which coincides with the size and shape and type of the rivet head to be driven. The operator lines up the rivet set with the rivet head then makes sure the bucking bar is properly placed on the “ buck tail” portion of the rivet, pulls the trigger on the riveting tool and the tool will begin  a percussive action of so many ”hits” or “blows” per minute based on the size and type of rivet be driven or “set”. Some riveting tools strike at 2500 blows per minute.