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Chipping Hammer FAQ

What are chipping hammers?

Chipping hammers are a handheld pneumatic percussive hammer. It Is percussive in nature and delivers blows per minute (BPM) to a chisel or tooling which is inserted into the end of the tool.

What are chipping hammers used for?

Chipping hammers are used for a multitude of reasons some are to break concrete, break welds in automotive quality processes, clean large grey iron castings of flash, clean foundry furnaces, chip cast iron pipe. Anywhere you are trying to remove or clean something which requires heavy duty removal of materials.

How to use a chipping hammer?

A chipping hammer is used in conjunction with a chisel of some type. A chipping hammer is held by the handle which has a throttle to engage the pneumatic percussive nature of the tool. A chipping hammer is usually held with two hands and the chisel is guided through the “work” as the tool is being operated.