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The Differences Between the Air Hammer & Rivet Guns in the Aerospace Industry

The air hammer rivet gun plays an important role in aircraft assembly. The same can be said for the rivet hammer. These two tools may have similar names, and even the same mechanisms, but serve very different purposes. In this article, we will tell you about what these guns do, what they are used for, and the differences between the two tools.

Air Hammer

An air hammer is used to cut holes and cut through tough surfaces like stone and metal. Think of something like a pickaxe but much more efficient. It is a very strong tool to get through hard surfaces, so it uses a lot of torque and power. The downside to using so much force is that it lacks accuracy. This can be problematic because in the aerospace industry precision is key. One bolt out of place can leave aircrafts susceptible to a variety of problems.

The air hammer works by using compressed air, a cyclic valve, a barrel, and a piston. Together these parts push the piston with enough force to make a hole in whatever material that needs to be penetrated.

Rivet Gun

The rivet gun, while very similar to the air hammer, is used for a different purpose. The rivet gun is used when the job needs a little more precision and finesse. The rivet has to be squeezed at its ends with just enough power to buck the other end and secure the joint. The rivet gun works similarly to the air hammer. It uses compressed air with valves and pistons to punch holes in hard surfaces. The main difference between these two tools is the use of a regulator. The regulator can adjust the power used by the tool.

More Info

The air hammer and rivet gun are vital tools that are constantly used in the aerospace industry. While these two tools are very similar, they serve two different purposes. Honda has been producing and selling American-made tools for more than 30 years. If you have more questions about our tools or want to learn more about Honsa Ergonomic Technologies contact us!