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HTO P-51C, P-51D, P-51E

HTO P-51C, P-51D, and P-51E tools with .498 shank type

HTO P-51C, P-51D


The HTO-P51 Series Tools strike a great balance; tough enough to handle demanding jobs, but not so tough they forget that's a human being on the trigger. Lightweight, with an aluminum cast body that's easy to operate, P-51s control vibration while delivering impressive power-to-weight ratios for improved productivity.

HTO P-51    .498 Shank Type

Model# Stroke BPM O.A.L. Weight
HTOP-51C 6-23/64" 1400 10-1/4" 6lbs 2oz
HTOP-51CR 6-23/64" 1400 12-1/2" 7lbs 2oz
HTOP-51D 4-23/64" 1400 9" 5lbs 6oz
HTOP-51DR 4-23/64" 1400 10-1/4" 6lbs 6oz
HTOP-51E 6-23/64" 1400 12-1/2" 7lbs 4oz

Standard Equipment
Beehive Retainer #8112 (On P-51C and P-51D)
Mech Aid Retainer #8111 (On P-51C and P-51D)
Turn Ball Bearing Retainer #8113E (HTO-P51E only)
Turn Type Ball Bearing Retainer #8113R (HTO-P51-CR & P-51DR only)
Optional Equipment
Suspension Bail #HTPR579
Non-Turn Ball Bearing Retainer #8113
Barrel Isolator #HTSB02-C (Without collar, used for P-51C, P-51E, and P-51CR)
Barrel Isolator #HTSB02-D (Without collar, used for P-51D and P-51DR)
Barrel Isolator HTRB-C-B17 (With collar, used for P-51C, P-51CR, and P-51E)

Tool Manual
Safety Information
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