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Reduce Workplace Injuries with Honsa Low Vibration Tools!

For over thirty years, leading OEMs in the fields of Automotive, Construction & Heavy Equipment, Agriculture, Aerospace, and all Military Branches of the United States Government have chosen Honsa Low Vibration tools to reduce injuries.

A Close Look at Honsa's Technology

Nearly all of Honsa's competitors use technology that is over a hundred years old and provides no vibration protection. Over time, the damaging vibration given off by these generic tools can lead to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS), Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS), or Vibration White Finger (VWF). Some people can be inflicted with a combination of these injuries.

Honsa's low vibration technology effectively blocks damaging vibration from reaching the operator. A special polymer is integrated into the housing of the tool that reduces harmonic frequency. The result is significantly less vibration transfer, which will help protect the operator.

The Difference Between Honsa and Generic Tools

A generic tool offers little to no vibration protection. Most of the tools have metal-to-metal contact, transferring the vibrations directly to the operator's hands and arms.

Honsa's Ergonomic Vibration Damping System utilizes proprietary technology to isolate the barrel and piston from the tool's grip. This significantly reduces the transmission of damaging vibrations to the operator's hands. There are no moving parts that will break down or wear out, guaranteeing that Honsa's Low Vibration System will last the life of the tool, with no maintenance required.

Improved Productivity + Reduced Injuries = Increased Profit

"The $120,000.00 return on investment for this project was demonstrated with reduced injuries and we achieved that return in one year from the date of installation." --Steven A. Adams, DaimlerChrysler Foundry Safety Director (Retired)

"With IR tools, our operators took multiple breaks to allow the 'feeling' to return into their fingers and hands. After using Honsa tools for just three months, my guys can clean a furnace without stopping." --Gary B., Safety Department at a midwestern aluminum die casting company (Name withheld by request)

"A study by D.S. Chatterjee of workplace upper limb disorders on 695 automotive workers found that 'upper extremity cumulative trauma disorders' dropped by 95% in one year with the implementation of vibration-reduced power tools." --Washington State Department of Labor and Industries

Honsa can provide you with current OSHA figures on the cost of injuries" due to repetitive hammer swinging and the use of generic air tools. Contact us and we'll be happy to share this data with you.

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