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HTP Gooseneck Needle Scalers

htp gooseneck needle scalersThese tools are ideal for removing weld splatter, rust, paint, gaskets, etc. in hard to reach areas. Also ideal for chipping and cleaning small castings. The ergonomic handles make it easier to handle, and reduces a large portion of harmonic and impact vibration.

Model# Bore Stroke BPM O.A.L. Weight Shank
HTP 182N7 15/16" 1-1/6" 4000 22" 6lbs 8oz Octagon
HTP 356N7 1" 1-1/8" 4600 22" 8lbs 14oz 1/2" Square

Standard Equipment
HTP-182N7 includes 19 9043 7" needles
HTP-182N7 includes 19 9043 7" needles
Optional Equipment
Horizontal Suspension Bail HTPS-182
Horizontal Suspension Bail HTPS-356

Tool Manual - HTP 182N7
Tool Manual - HTP 356N7
Safety Information
Tool Do's and Don'ts