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.580 Hex Shank

.580 hex shank chisels





Your job just got easier with hardworking Honsa® tear down chisels. These ergonomically enhanced weld destruct chisels are available in sets or individually, and come in a variety of shank styles. Made in the USA, and built tough to last long.

.580 Shank Style Chisels

het 28 chisel HET 28
.580 Hex Shank Fork Tool, Oval Collar, 8" OAL
het 34 chisel HET 34
.580 Hex Shank Fork Tool, Oval Collar, 11" OAL
het 34b chisel HET 34B
.580 Hex OCHS 30° Bend, 11" OAL
het 55 chisel HET 55
.580 Hex OCHS Expansion Offset, 12" OAL
het 84 chisel HET 84
.580 Hex OCHS Expansion Offset, 15" OAL

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