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Small Weld Destruct Kit

small weld destruct kitTo help take the guesswork out of weld destruction tool selection, Honsa® offers three ready-to-go kits, with tools and accessories paired to match the job and metal gauge at hand. Whether it is boron or dual phase steel, our customers report these kits address all their weld destruct needs effectively.

If you don't see exactly what you need, contact Honsa® to create a kit with your choice of chisels and tools to best suit your needs.

Small Weld Destruct Kit Includes
•HTO P51E Medium Duty Tool
•HTO 85 .498S Light Duty Tool
•HET 97-8 .498 Expansion Chisel
•HET 26-1 .498 Expansion Chisel
•CH 959 Panel Cutter
•Ball Bearing 7210 Retainer installed on HTO 85 .498

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