Honsa® Ergonomic Tools made in America

Minimize vibration with Honsa® low vibration bucking bars.

What makes the ISOVIB® low vibration bucking bars heads and shoulders above the rest of the bucking bar options on the market today? We’ve got a list of reasons why:

    low vibration bucking bars from Honsa®
  • Honsa® has designed and manufactured the ISOVIB® out of tungsten, steel and stainless steel
  • Honsa® offers numerous configurations, all of which minimize harmful vibrations for those operating the tools
  • Honsa® utilizes urethane for maximum comfort
  • Honsa® ISOVIB® has a robust spring, and in conjunction with the rest of the materials used this provides maximum vibration reduction Honsa® ISOVIB® bucking bars have a non-mar tip and a rivet height gauge to reduce bucking overall

Another reason that we believe that we are the best bucking bar solution? We understand there are many different applications for our tools (aerospace, metal fabrication, automotive assembly, shipbuilding and repair, ag equipment, construction equipment, foundries, or engine and transmission assembly) so we can modify and customize our low vibration bucking bars for your unique needs.

Want to know more? Our team is available to answer any questions you might have, or to help you design the bucking bar you need for your business. You can call us at 800-800-9371 or email our ISOVIB® team directly at isovib@honsatools.com.